Mission and cause

The Cardiovascular Health Action Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is to fight the high prevalence of obesity and its cardiovascular complications among children and families by developing concrete solutions to this problem.

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a global approach

The Approach 180

Approach 180 is a family-based, educational, interdisciplinary approach based on prevention and motivational education. Guilt-free and based on an understanding of each individual's unique environment, it promotes the gradual modification of behaviors with the aim of adopting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle in the long term.


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CHAA's resources are the heart of the innovative practice of Approach 180. They are adapted to the unique realities of the families, environments and regions they serve, and share the values of family, education and inclusion that are at the core of Approach 180.

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Professional training

The Chair of Education

Expand your knowledge in healthy lifestyle to prevent non-communicable diseases based on the Approach 180’s experience in the prevention and management of obesity.

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