Expand your knowledge in healthy lifestyle to prevent non-communicable diseases based on the Approach 180’s experience in the prevention and management of obesity.

Goals :

The educative chair aims to provide access to a standardized training program targeting a global health approach to preventive care and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

The content of the learning modules is imbued with educational values ​​of inclusion respecting diversity. The Chair is characterized by its comprehensive, accessible, health-oriented approach, which focuses more on the psychosocial determinants of health, as well as on people's environments.

This program will allow professionals and students from health, social and education sectors to demystify obesity and other non-communicable diseases as well as to feel skilled and competent to support individuals on their journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

  • Possibility of obtaining professional training credits (details to come)
  • Online training, at your own pace, when your personal schedule allows it
Platform available soon