Fields of activity

The values ​​and principles of Approach 180 apply to the management of obesity and other non-communicable diseases through holistic care as well as to other related fields of activity. These make it possible to:

  • Strengthen the intervention intensity of the approach and thus increase its effectiveness;
  • Offer the possibility of developing a support network , allowing care interventions to be completed and strengthened;
  • Participate in the fight against social inequalities by offering the same opportunities for positive experiences and development to all.
  • To act as a leader in global and preventive health for the communities around us and thus extend the reach of our interventions;

Obesity management

This sector of activity is the heart of Approach 180.

During individual or family meetings, a multidisciplinary team of professionals (nurse, doctor, nutritionist and others) take the time to get to know their patients, understand their expectations or concerns and answer their questions. They delve into their daily lives, routines and habits, in order to guide them in setting goals for healthy lifestyle changes adapted to everyone's rhythm. They involve individuals in educational activities designed to ensure understanding for all.

They then plan an intensive follow-up plan lasting at least 6 to 12 months allowing for a gradual progression, maintaining motivation as well as adjusting objectives or setting up new challenges according to the strengths and needs of the individuals.

This type of care is recognized worldwide as being the most effective in helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle and manage obesity. Approach 180 has been shown to improve overall long-term health by 80-95%.

Special programs

Discovery program

The Approach 180 discovery program is an intensive program designed to acquire healthy lifestyle habits through fun and discovery. Since 2020, it has been offered as a summer day camp. It offers an opportunity for young people experiencing various difficulties to benefit from supervision, enjoy positive experiences and develop skills promoting the acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits.

This program has positive impacts notably on the young person's commitment to his or her care process at Approach 180, but also on the following aspects:

  • Opportunity to discover new activities and new foods;
  • Opportunity to socialize with young people experiencing similar realities;
  • Opportunity to thrive in a familiar and safe environment;
  • Acquisition of individual skills promoting self-determination;
  • Increase in intervention intensity of Approach 180.
Bicycle garage

For young people, cycling helps them develop their autonomy, their reflexes and strengthen their muscles. In addition, active transportation is a good way to fight a sedentary lifestyle and improve concentration at school. However, this opportunity is not accessible to everyone.

In 2022, our organization inaugurated the very first Community Bicycle Garage.

This initiative currently allows dozens of Approach 180's patients to learn how to ride a bike safely. An opportunity to thrive and have positive experiences on 2 wheels!

It is planned that the Bicycle Garage will evolve into a community gathering place allowing the promotion of a healthy lifestyle both for families and school programs.

Nutritious holiday baskets

This initiative was born in 2017 with the desire to replace the traditional Christmas basket of canning and non-perishable products with a fresh nutritious food basket to support the families followed by Approach 180 in their journey towards a healthy lifestyle. In this way, the families supported by l'Approach 180's social program have the opportunity to celebrate the holidays by trying out new recipes suggested by the nutritionist, using quality products, in a spirit of joy and sharing.

Ask for a nutritious basket