RASC's missions

Over the past 10 years, thousands of individuals have benefited from support in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. With an 80-95% effectiveness rate in improving individual health and lifestyle habits, the actions deployed by the RASC are a model of global and preventive health for the future of our communities.

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Family grant program

Young people and families experiencing social vulnerabilities are targets of social health inequalities and are more at risk of suffering from obesity and other non-communicable diseases. This program aims to reduce these inequalities and enable eligible families to receive the same proximity care as any other families. Since the program began in April 2021, over 100 families have benefited from it!

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Approach 180 discovery program

Intensive program for the acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits through fun and discovery. It has been offered since 2020 as a summer day camp. With your donations, it is planned that this program will be offered during the winter period and in the form of a nature immersion.

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Bicycle garage

This is the very first community bicycle garage! This initiative provides an initiation to safe cycling and the opportunity to enjoy positive experiences on 2 wheels! Learn more

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Nutritious holiday baskets

Allow families to celebrate the end of year holidays with fresh and nutritious products.

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